About Monte' Farms:

President & CEO

Le’Montio Hobdy

I would like to welcome you to Monte Farms. I’m a health and wellness enthusiast. I created this farm to give the people of Louisiana clean and healthy food. We believe it is the only way to live a full life. At Monte Farms we work hard to produce the best Pork, Chicken and Duck in the state of Louisiana. We offer products that are quality, great tasting meat products.

Donald Clark, VP of Operations



Our Farm
In October 2014 Le'Montio Hobdy our CEO founded this great company with an idea of producing a great pork product. Within the last two years we have expanded to producing chickens and ducks. He got the idea for Monte' Farms while completing his Animal Science Degree at Southern University. Our CEO comes from a strong family of farmers, being the 4th generation farmer. He believes that farming with organic practices is one of the building blocks of health. He strongly believes in eating and living well. Le'Montio would like to add his stamp to the natural/grassfed movement with the best pastured pork, chicken, and duck in the state of louisiana!

Farm Pics and Videos

Our Processes
We try our best to do things the way nature intended by implementing a rotational grazing program. This allows us to keep our animals  on fresh grass year-round. All of our poultry are fed a local chemical free feed. Our animals live their entire lives outdoors. They get a chance to express that natural behaviors. We use absolutely no pesticides or herbicides in our fields. Monte Farms will soon be supplementing our pigs diet with milk.


Clients/Vendor List

*Restaurant Cotton

*National Grocer

*Fiesta Nurtition

*Jake & Jack's




Quality standards:


All natural


100% chemical free